Frequently Asked Questions


Is it hard to install?

Generally it’s very easy. The hardest part is accessing your factory bulbs. Most installations are done by removing your bulb from the engine bay. Some vehicles may require you to remove the front bumper. If you are concerned about its difficulty, we recommend you attempt first to remove your factory bulb. If you can do this, the rest is very easy. See our installation guide.


What color should I choose?

This all depends on preference. We recommend 6000K to most customers. However, some customers want a blue or purple tint. Keep in mind, the more you deviate from the norm, the higher chance law enforcement may harass you.


Will it void my warranty?

Light bulbs under no circumstance can void a vehicles warranty. It is common for dealers to deter customers from buying aftermarket products. But according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975, the dealer cannot void your warranty if the part you installed is aftermarket. We have no cases of any vehicle getting damaged from HID installation.


What is the difference between Xenon and HID?

These terms are loosely used to describe the same thing. HID is the method of producing light, while xenon is the gas inside the tube that lights up. So do not worry, it is the same. However, watch out for halogen bulbs with a filament inside claiming to be xenon. This is a marketing trick to think it’s a xenon bulb. Halogen bulbs work by lighting a filament, where as a real xenon bulb lights up a gas.



How can I check what bulb fits my vehicle?

Please the following bulb application guides:


Philips Bulb Guide

OSRAM Bulb Guide