Capacitor Plugs


Many cars can get a flickering or strobe effect after installation of a HID Kit. This problem is common on vehicles with the CAN-BUS system or vehicles equipped with day running lights. This HID Capacitor can be installed to prevent these problems from happening to you. After installation of the capacitor your lights will no longer flicker and shut off. In addition the capacitor will eliminate the "Bulb Out" or "Bulb Failure" warning lights.

Works similar to the wiring harness found in new luxury vehicles. This eliminates the error messages found on the dash board of newer luxury cars. - Solves the computer error warning such as the "CAN-BUS Wiring Problem" encountered during the installation of HID Kits. - Easy Installation: Simply connect the power supply to your ballast through this cable. - Works with 35 Watt Bulbs. - Voltage: 9 - 16 volts. Our capacitor works great in Cadillacs, Chrysler such as the 300, Dodges such as the Charger, Magnum, and Fords such as the Five Hundred and F-150. This cable fits VEHICLES WITH COMPUTER CONTROLLED HEADLIGHTS.

Some known examples are: BMWs 1999-Up (Low Beam and Fog Lights), Volkswagen 2005-Up: Beetles, Passats, Golf, GTI's and Rabbit's (For Headlights and Fog Lights), Dodge Ram Pickups 1999-2008 (For Headlights Only), Dodge Ram Pickups 2009-UP (For both Low Beam and High Beam), Jeeps 1999-Up (For Headlights Only), Chrysler Vehicles 1999-Up (For Headlights Only), Volvos 1999-Up (For Headlights Only), Mercedes 1994-Up (For Headlights and most Fog Lights), Ford 2006-Up Fusion, Explorer, Expedition, Mustang, Edge, Focus and Five Hundred (For Headlights Only), Dodge Chargers 2006-Up (For Headlights Only), Newer Lexus (Low Beam), Audi 1998-Up (Low Beam).