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Welcome to HID Kit Warehouse!

HIDkitwarehouse is devoted in selling the highest quality HID conversion kits for your automobile at factory direct prices. We carry HID kits for all makes and models including low beam, high beam and fog light kits. Our product comes with a 1 year warranty and easy installation. We stand behind our JDM brand hid kits with support and service like no other company.


We offer a wide range of options including over 20 bulb sizes, 6 different colors and 2 types of ballasts. Not only do we sell the conversion kits, but all the accessories needed for proper installation on most vehicles.


Standard Kits vs Bi-Xenon

We know lighting can be confusing at times with the assortment of brands and types of HID kits on the market. What is the difference between a standard kit and a bi-xenon kit, and does my vehicle need a bi-xenon kit.


To understand this better, first you must understand some vehicles only have one headlight bulb used for low beam and high beam operation, while other vehicles have two light bulbs separated. For example, a Honda Civic 2000 will have an H4 bulb, which by nature has two filaments inside the bulb. One filament is on when in low beam mode, and the second filament turns on when you click into high beam. The same vehicle in a different year, such as 2008 Civic will have a different configuration. The low beam and high beam bulbs are independent (9006, 9005). One bulb turns on for low beam, while the other bulb will turn on when you click into high beam.


Bi-xenon kits are only available for vehicles with 1 bulb per headlamp. Bi-Xenon kits use a single HID bulb which physically shifts inside the headlamp to create a low beam/high beam effect. Unlike regular halogen bulbs with dual filament, a Bi-Xenon kit only has 1 bulb, one light source; it only shifts the light slightly inside the headlamp lens creating different optics on the road.


What is Color Temperature?

Color temperature is a scale of comparing the color output of different HID bulbs. Please note every companies color temperature rating will vary slighting with another. Generally speaking, 6000K is known as the most popular color due to its crisp white color and brightness. Keep in mind, the higher the number goes, the more blue the color becomes. Lower the number from 6000K, the more yellow the color becomes. Sunlight is rated around 5500K, so 6000K appears very natural and bright.


Standard Ballast vs Digital Upgrade

Our Standard series ballast offers quality at great value. If you are looking for a starter HID kit this is a great start. JDM standard ballasts go through 10 point inspection at our state of the art factory to ensure high performance before shipping to our customers.


Our Digital series ballasts offers maximum quality and even better value. Using the latest in digital technology, the ballast has been configured to perform even better and product more outstanding results. Its lower profile makes it easier to install in tight corners in your engine bay. Digital electronics mean longer life.



Relays are required for certain vehicles such as late model Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge including some Fords and European vehicles. Relays take signal from your factory headlight plug and activate power directly from your battery to the HID kit. This provides improved HID response and simply is required for some vehicles.

HID Kit Relays & Wiring


Vehicles with Factory Xenon

Your vehicle could have a factory xenon system that you may want to replace. However, please understand the factory xenon setup is not as simple as installing a HID kit on a car with halogen bulbs. Our kits are mainly designed for halogen equipped vehicles. If your vehicle has factory xenon and your looking to remove the old system, please do not order our $39.99 kit, as it will not work with your vehicle. You must contact us to set you up with another solution. Price varies based on car model.